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Horiba TOC Analyzer

ht_110_16.jpgCMI Sales has become distributor of the Horiba TOC-Analyzers, especially the online model HT-110.

The continuous online TOC-Analyzer HT-110 is suitable for the measurement of total organic carbons in Purified Water (PW), Water For Injection (WFI) and Highly Purified Water (HPW). The unit is operating according to USP 643. It is applicable for pharmaceutical and/or semiconductor manufacturing. The measuring principle is based on UV-Oxidation and measurement of the difference in conductivity. TOC concentration measurement (TOC concentration 500 ppbC or lower) is necessary to perform quality control according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).


WiFi sensoren van Lascar

EL_WIFI_TH_2.jpgStarting from august Lascar introduces a new set of dataloggers to its existing portfolio, the WiFi dataloggers. Lascar starts with the EL-WiFi-TH, een temperature and humidity datalogger that communicates with your computer through an existing WiFi networkr. In one network 100 dataloggers can be installed.

The EL-WiFi-TH logger has a rechargeable battery and comes with an LCD screen.




DLC changes commercial name to CMI Sales

2011.10.01 :Data Logging and Calibrations (DLC) has decided to change its commercial name to "CMI Sales" to better integrate its activities into the CMI groupe (

The companies data remain the same, the work address changes to Avenue de Ramelot 3 - 1480 Saintes. The website will soon change to



Lascar EL-USB-1-LCD


Lascar has a new temperature data logger with LCD display. It has the same accuracy as the EL-USB-1 and a range from -20°C..+60°C.



Lascar EL-USB-1-RCGEL_USB_1_RCG.jpg

Lascar has a new temperature data logger made in stainless steel which has a rechargeable battery (through the USB connection of your PC). The precision is the same as with the EL-USB-1 and the range is -20°C..+60°C.




EL_USB_5.bmpLascar EL-USB-5

Lascar has introduced a new type of data logger. This Lascar standalone data logger can record events (detecting an input and storing the time and date of occurrence), record state changes (similar to an ‘event’ but also recording when the input reverts back to normal) and count events (count the number of events that happen in a time period, without any individual event time or date information).


Lascar Panel Pilot

Panel Pilot is a software platform that allows configuration and customisation of a range of Panel_Pilot_softwarescreen.pngcompatible colour displays.

The software contains a large and ever increasing library of standard meter configurations which can be customized in minutes to you precise requirements. These configurations can then be downloaded to any PanelPilot compatible display.

At launch users can select from six meter configurations including analogue, digital and bargraph styles (see right). Users can customize the colours, text labels and scaling to their needs before downloading the configuration to their display.


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