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ATI New Automated Filter Tester TDA-100S

ATI New Automated Filter Tester TDA-100S
Meeting industry needs
The 100S Salt Aerosol Automated Filter Tester was designed to meet the NIOSH 42 CFR Part 84 (pdf) Respiratory Testing Standard with a heavy focus on the end-user. The 100S is the new industry standard in filter testing. A high level of performance coupled with low maintenance and service requirements make the 100S ideally suited to meet the rigorous quality control and validation requirements of both product development and production environments. The 100S is undeniably the most user friendly and cost effective salt aerosol filter testing solution available today.

A customer friendly design
The 100S incorporates many features and benefits useful to the end user including a contemporary and intuitive touch screen user interface. Load testing has never been easier, quicker, and more accurate. “Set & forget” load testing allows the user to leave the instrument unattended due to automated, real-time flow adjustment coupled with logic that stops a load test when required. The patented aerosol generation system affords significantly reduced load testing times compared to the current industry standard – saving half the time. An automatic aerosol solution refill system eliminates the need for mid-day solution replenishment.

Easy maintenance
Routine maintenance and servicing is easily performed in the field with easily accessible components such as the aerosol generator and operational filters. A maintenance mode allows the end user to perform full system diagnostics and troubleshooting from the touch screen or by remote workstation via USB connection.

Features & Benefits Summary

Product specifications 100S Salt Aerosol Automated Filter Tester
Size : 71cm W × 69cm D × 89cm H
Weight : ~ 68kg

Size & Distribution : 0.075µm Count Median Diameter, 0.26µm Mass Mean Diameter
Gravimetric Standard Deviation : < 1.7
Concentration : 35 to 50 milligrams per cubic meter (mg/m3)

Measurements/Operating Conditions:
Efficiency : up to 99.9995%
Pressure : 0 to 200 millimeters of water column (0 to 7.88 inches of w.c.); accuracy ± 2.5% of full scale
Flow Rate : 10 to 120 liters per minute (slpm or alpm); accuracy ± (0.4% of reading + 0.2% full scale)

Electrical : 110VAC/60 Hz or 220VAC/50Hz
Compressed Air : 283 SLPM @ 5.6 kg/cm2 (10 SCFM @ 80 PSIG)
UID: 1.08.014
Origin: TDA-100S
Brand: ATI
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