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ATI PMLT Portable Mask Leakage Tester

ATI PMLT Portable Mask Leakage Tester
The PMLT Protective Mask Leakage Tester is a revolutionary piece of equipment designed to test the serviceability of any protective mask worldwide. The PMLT is the only portable device available which will provide leak testing of specific mask components without requiring the user to wear the mask.

The PMLT can be set up in minutes, and is completely self-contained in a rugged, shippable case. With a universal clamping assembly, inflatable mask seal, and clamping adapters, the PMLT can test virtually any style of protective mask in the world. The lightweight plastic test head is available in different sizes which can be quickly installed to accommodate a wide range of mask sizes.

The PMLT utilizes solid-state electronic circuitry with simple menu-driven touch pad controls and an alphanumeric display. Data can be downloaded to a computer through the RS-232 port. User friendly DAS 2 software enables efficient data capture and analysis of mask testing results.

The PMLT can be customized with a wide variety of of adapters, fittings, and software modifications to meet your specialized testing needs. Contact ATI for details.

Tests Performed by the PMLT
Overall Mask Leakage Test : Mask leakage is measured while the mask is challenged with an aerosol, with or without a plugged filter canister attached.
Leakage Isolation Test : Leaks normally invisible to the naked eye are easily isolated so that repair/replacement decisions can be made.
Outlet Valve Test : Tested with aerosol as part of Mask Test, or isolated for airflow leakage under tightly controlled conditions.
Drink Tube Flow Test : Tube blockage is measured using air flow.
Drink Tube Valve Leakage Test : The drink tube valve is tested for leakage under controlled pressure.
Drink Train Leak Test : The entire drink tube is tested for leakage under pressure.
Quantitative Fit Test (available option) : An overall fit factor of up to 500,000 is measured while the user performs exercises under an aerosol challenge.

Benefits and Features
Ease of Use
Data Management
Interchangeable Heads
Universal Clamping
Controlled Aerosol vs. Ambient Air
Universal Power Supply
Custom Software
Leak Isolation
Visual/Audible Alarms
Rugged Shippable Case
Low Maintenance
UID: 1.08.037
Origin: PMLT
Brand: ATI
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