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ATI Diluter TDA-D10 (10:1)

ATI Diluter TDA-D10 (10:1)
The ATI Aerosol Diluters were developed to fill a specific need in the HEPA filter testing industry. The diluter enhances the effectiveness of optical particle counters by diluting the upstream concentration of an aerosol to prevent saturation of the particle counter. The diluter has been designed to minimize pressure drop and aerosol loss as a function of particle size.

The TDA-D series of Aerosol Diluters will work with any 1 cfm particle counter by placing it inline between the particle counter and the aerosol being sampled. The diluter is available in 10:1 and 100:1 versions and will work with any type of aerosol challenge (PSL, PAO, DOP, NaCl).

Particle Dilution : 10:1
Air Flow Rate : 1 cfm
Pressure Drop : Nominally 1" W.C.
Electrical : not required not required
Run Time Meter : included
Material : stainless steel
Inlet/Outlet : 0.375 inch ID
Optional Inlet/Outlet : 0.25 inch ID
Size (cm) : 15.5 W × 8.3 H × 55.9 L
Weight (kg) : 3.0
UID: 1.08.035
Origin: TDA-D10
Brand: ATI
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