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ATI Six Nozzle Laskin Style Aerosol Generator TDA-4B (Cold)

ATI Six Nozzle Laskin Style Aerosol Generator TDA-4B (Cold)
ATI manufactures portable Laskin nozzle aerosol generators which produce a sub-micron polydispersed oil mist aerosol in concentrations from 10 to 100 micrograms per liter (ug/l) at air flows from 50 to 8,100 cfm.

Aerosol generators and photometers are used to integrity test or locate leaks in high efficiency air filtration systems. Filter manufacturers use this equipment to scan ULPA and HEPA filters to verify they are free from manufacturing defects. Filter certifiers use this equipment to insure that filters were not damaged in shipping and have been installed properly, eliminating any leakage.

With the proper generator and photometer combination, filter deficiencies such as pinholes, thin spots, gasket leaks, frame leaks or seal problems can be quickly and quantifiably pinpointed and corrected thus protecting product and personnel.

Both the TDA-4B and the TDA-4BLite feature several improvements including rugged stainless steel construction, large fill port, individual nozzle control, and a 3" standard sanitary outlet fitting. An optional hose adapter, part # 9300100, is available for introducing the aerosol into positive pressure systems.

The TDA-4B is the latest design in rugged, lightweight Laskin nozzle generators from ATI. The TDA-4B is a small, compact aerosol generator which requires only a supply of clean, compressed air to create polydispersed sub-micron oil aerosol.

The TDA-4B has 6 Laskin nozzles. Three valves permit the unit to be operated with 1 to 6 nozzles, providing a wide range of aerosol concentrations.

The TDA-4B is recommended for testing systems with air flows of 8,100 cfm and lower. It is ideal for work stations, Negative Pressure Filtration Units, biosafety cabinets, ceiling modules, small or portable cleanrooms, or HEPA filter units in installations where an adequate supply of clean, compressed air is readily available.

Aerosol Output Range: 50-8,100 cfm
Aerosol Concentration 100 ug/l @ 810 cfm *
Aerosol Concentration 10 ug/l @ 8,100 cfm *
Generator Type: 1 to 6 Laskin Nozzles
Compressed Air: 3 to 18 cfm @ 20 psi
Aerosol Type: Polydispersed (Cold)
Size: 25cm L × 28cm W × 23cm H
Weight-Kilograms (kg): 7.3 kg
Electrical: (Not Required)
UID: 1.08.024
Origin: TDA-4B
Brand: ATI
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