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ATI Thermal-Style Aerosol Generator TDA-5C (Warm)

ATI Thermal-Style Aerosol Generator TDA-5C (Warm)
The 5C Aerosol Generator has been designed to provide operator convenience and improved performance. The 5C is ideal for certifying or testing HEPA filters or installations with air flows from 1,500 to 65,000 cfm. It requires an inert gas source and 115/230 volts @ 750 watts electrical service.

5C Features
The 5C has all controls and displays grouped on the front panel away from the aerosol generator output nozzle. The unit has a large aerosol liquid capacity for operation up to 4 hours at full output without refilling. In addition, its digital temperature control allows the operator to set the unit for optimum conditions for the specific aerosol agent being used.

The 5C is capable of generating a wide variety of aerosol concentrations by discharging a controlled quantity of oil into a large heated area. The liquid is vaporized and condensed into a polydispersed aerosol while in the presence of a small amount of nitrogen delivered at approximately five pounds of pressure. The efficiency at which the aerosol is produced enables the 5C Generator, when used in conjunction with Analog or Digital photometers, to provide enough aerosol to leak test filtration systems from 1,500 to 65,0000 cfm. Systems larger than 6,500 cfm may be tested for leaks at less than 100 micrograms per liter when the photometer sensitivity is increased.

5C Specifications
Aerosol Output Range: 1,500-65,000 cfm
Aerosol Concentration 100 ug/1@*: 6,500 cfm
Aerosol Concentration 10 ug/1@*: 65,000 cfm
Generator Type: Vapor Condensation
Compressed Air: Not Required
Compressed Gas: Nitrogen, Argon, Carbon Dioxide or Helium (*20 cfh @ 50 psi)
Aerosol Type: Polydispersed (Cold)
Size: 15" L × 9" W × 10" H
(38cm L × 23cm W × 25cm H)
Weight-Pounds (lbs): 23 lbs.
Weight-Kilograms (kg): 10.4 kg
Electrical: 115 VAC / 60 Hz or 230 VAC / 50hz

FCC Part 15 (7/2008) Class A
ICES-003 (CAN/CSA-CEI/IEC 22:02)

* For high volume output, more uniform particle size, and safety, the liquid is aerosolized, superheated to vapor then recondensed by ambient air into a cold poly-dispersed aerosol. The propellant must be an inert gas since the liquid vapor temperature is above the liquid flashpoint.

Please note:
ATI does not recommend the 5C for certification of Biological Safety Cabinets (BSC's). Typical BSC flowrates are beneath the level at which a 5C is capable of providing a consistent and stable aerosol output.
NSF/ANSI 49-2002 Annex F, specifies the use of a Laskin nozzle generator or equivalent during certification.
For purposes of this NSF Standard's requirements, the 5C generator is not considered a Laskin nozzle equivalent aerosol generator.
UID: 1.08.029
Origin: TDA-5C
Brand: ATI
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