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Particle counters

CMI SALES distributes a large portfolio of particle counters and has models for all kind of applications such as cleanrooms or industrial processus.

We offer 0.1 CFM handheld counters and also portable counters for validation purposes such as cleanrooms, from 0.1µ and with a flow from  1 CFM up to 100 liters/minute. We also have particle counters to be used in monitoring systems.

All particle counters are delivered with calibration certificat of the manufacturor.

We have particle counters for air, compressed gaz, liquids and chemicals. Under the product line Aero Science we show particle counters based on nano-technology.

We not only sell these counters, we also offer you the service of calibration, reparation, ... We are also able to offer you the calibration of your other counters. Ask us about our possibilities.


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