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Monitoring systems

For many production processes and isn't enough to log the ambient conditions but depending on the produced good (costprice, fragility, ...) it can be necessary to be able to intervien when certain limits (temperature, humidité, pressure, light, ....) have been reached so as to be able to take the necessary measurement to avoid production loss. For these purposes you will need a monitoring system to warn you in time.

CMI SALES distributes and makes the installation of monitoring systems with cable or wireless connections. Almost no limits as to number of measurement points or parameters. Our monitoring systems sends warnings or alarms via screen of pc, via email, via text message, via building service system, ... The sensor tells which person or persons will get the alarm. It is also possible to monitoring sites situated on the other side of the world throught internet or intranet. With webcam you can see immediately what is wrong and take the adequat decisions.

If needed we can make a thermal mapping of the rooms to know where the sensors will be best placed for a good working monitoring system.


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