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Hamster A & Hotdog

HOTDOG and its enhanced and compatible companion HAMSTER-A are proven performers under harsh conditions. Watertight (IP68) and virtually indestructible, HAMSTER-A and HOTDOG are the ideal instruments for documentation for applications in tough environments.

The dataloggers can be submerged to a maximum depth of 10 meters, or can also be buried directly into the soil. One application may be to leave the datalogger during the cleaninig process of your cooling chamber using superheated steam.

The measurement values of the internal temperature sensor are stored in the memory and can be analysed and printed out at any time. Usinig the elproLOG software and PC interface, the data can be transferred easily to any PC using infrared communication.

Operating temperature -40°C..+70°C and large memory for 64.000 dat points. Measuring clock from 1 minute till 3 hours (Hamster A-AT1) and from 2 seconds till 3 hours (Hotdog DT1).




HAMSTER-A AT1 Datalogger temperature
HOTDOG DT1 Datalogger temperature, integrated sensor, temperature range -40°..+70°C
PC Interface set for HAMSTER-A, HOTDOG, set consisting of: PC Interface incl. cable and elproLOG PC Evaluation Software
Security mounting bracket, for HAMSTER-A and HOTDOG, stainless steel, lockable, with In-Position marking, 4 snap lock included
Simple mounting bracket for HAMSTER-A, HOTDOG and ELOGG, stainless steel
HOTBOX-HTH datalogger humidity/temp
HOTBOX-HTN datalogger temperature
PC data cable for Hotbox-HTH L=1.8m DB9F connector
Connector for the external link of a NTC-probe to the HOTBOX-HTH incl. soldering and function test
NTC air probe temperature plug on type, waterproofed, only for Hotbox-HTN
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