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Hotbox SE

Hotbox SE

datenlogger_frischluft.jpg2 channels: NTC temperatures -50°..+140°C

2 channels: signals 4..20mA

2 channels: DC voltages (progr., +/-)

(DC ranges can be set for hygroclip humidity and temperature sensors)


For recording, 1-4 channels can be selected from the total 6 channels. Variety of data can be recorded and displayed simultaneously.

Simple configuration, 64.000 measured values, large display, sensor supply by datalogger, alarm possibilities etc. Ideal for autonomous recording of values measured by sensors and signal transmitters:


  • Pressure in one process
  • CO2 concentration in the environment
  • Gas concentration such as O2 or other gases
  • Electric values such as current and voltage
  • Temperatures
  • Rel. humidity and temperature combined
  • Air speed
  • Water depth (groundwater, river water, etc.)
  • Strength of a force sensor
  • Differential pressure in a clean room
  • or any other combination

The sensors are supplied by integrated batteries or an external supply. A special procedure optimizes battery consumption.



PC data cable ECOLOG, HOTBOX-xx
Lithium Battery set, 2 pcs, 3.6V-1.9Ah
HOTBOX SE: Universal logger for signals, Input: 2x NTC, 2x mA, 2x V/mV 1 .. 4 inputs selectable for data recording, calibration certificate included
External Start for HotboxSE DB15 - connector, digital input D1
Connector 4p with terminals and housing for 2x NTC to Hotbox SE
Connector 5p with terminals and housing for 2x 4..20mA to Hotbox SE
Connector 7p with terminals and housing for 2x DC Sign. to Hotbox SE
Mounting plate for Hotbox-SE and accessories, incl. acrylic foam tape for mounting the Hotbox-SESize: 289x240x25 mm
Power supply to Hotbox-SE External supply for connected sensors 100..240VAC / 24VDC 0.35A
Power supply to Hotbox-SE with stabilisied output voltage for delicate transmitter, input 230 VAC, output 12 VDC, 0.5 A
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