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Elpro - Software

Elpro has divided its performant software into modules so the end user only has to purchase and use the modules fitted for his application.

With Config and Analyse you can configure your ELPRO datalogger and download data from any ELPRO datalogger and analyse it. The other modules are for monitoring and the way you want to protect the data according to your internal procedures such as datalogging every event or limited acces to certain users and so on.



  • Configuration and testing of the datalogger network.
  • Assignment of clear text names to sensors and digital inputs.
  • Setup of warning level for every sensor.
  • Deactiviation of inputs for maintenance purposes.
  • Automatic reports with information about the datalogger network structure.




  • ELPRO datalogger configuration.
  • Measured data storage.
  • Statistical data : Min/max, mean value, standard deviation, variance.
  • MKT (Mean Kinetic Temperature), Arrhenius calculation.
  • Tools for commenting and marking data.
  • Complete reports in pdf format directly from software.




1. Readout

elproLOG ANALYZE is the software for simple and user-friendly communication with dataloggers. Any ELPRO datalogger you use is recognized automatically by the elproLOG ANALYZE software. The software is also capable of opening and displaying pdf files generated with the Libero pdf logger and the contained raw data..

  • Configuration of ELPRO dataloggers
  • Saving of measured data
  • Analysis of Libero pdf files  



2. Analyze

elproLOG ANALYZE offers a multitude of functions for analyzing recorded data. Choose between table and graphics displays for your data and use the zoom and marking functions for easy navigation through the logged data points. In a matter of seconds, elproLOG ANALYZE can analyze complex graphs to provide the exact information that is important to you.

  • Clearly laid-out graphs and tables.
  • Multiple zooming functions.
  • Statistical data : Min/max, mean value, standard deviation, variance, ...
  • Dew point calculation
  • Histogram representation
  • MKT (Mean Kinetic Temperature), Arrhenius calculation






3. Report

Create comprehensive reports directly from elproLOG ANALYZE. The software allows you to append comments and notes and it is possible to mark the most important occurences in the data. Use the installed pdf printer and, at the press of a button, you can generate documentation printouts with all the relevant information.

  • Tools for commenting and marking data.
  • Complete reports in pdf format directly from elproLOG ANALYZE.
  • Possibility of saving data extracts.
  • Data and graph export function (Excel format).
  • E-mail: Send data file via e-mail to receiver.
  • Hardcopy of all screens with print preview.
  • Status printout with information about datalogger.
  • Own company logo on all documents.
























elproLOG ANALYZE QLS is the software package for qualified systems. This software includes all ANALYZE software functions and implements numerous important tools to facilitate your work in qualified environments according to FDA 21 CFR Part 11, GMP, GAMP4 and GLP.

  • The detailed validation manual contains IQ/OQ templates for easy software qualification for 21 CFR Part 820.
  • Automatic audit trail created at data readout.
  • Forgery and manipulation protection - coded data transfer from logger to PC.




elproLOG MONITORING provides real-time access to all your data in the datalogger network. The data is presented in such a way you keep a good view production or storage conditions.

  • Real time display of readings and alarms.
  • Alarm and warning notifications.
  • Audible and visual alarm functionality at local computer.
  • Forwarding of alarms and warnings: via e-mail, via automatic telephone dialing unit, to building management systems (with alarm interface), via SMS/Fax (with SMS Gateway).
  • Alarm acknowledgement functions
  • Archiving: automatic, periodic download of datalogger data (Autosave)
  • Self-monitoring for highest system security (with alarm interface)
  • Audit trail for traceability of parameter changes and user actions.
  • Support of compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 / GMP / GLP / GAMP4 and Annex 11.
  • Comprehensive documentation for IQ/OQ.




With elproLOG MONITOR WebAccess, you can securely access your measurement data from any PC in the world. You can review and analyze recorded temperature, humidity, CO2, particles or pressure differential data by using your internet browser. No additional software is required on your PC. And of course, access to your data can be password protected, so security and confidentiality are ensured at all times.

  • Secure and password-protected access to your information -from any PC anywhere in the world.
  • Real-time display of data on facility floor plans or photos.
  • Customizable user interface.
  • Clearly laid-out graphs and tables.
  • Able to view data with standard internet browser, no additional software installation required on client PC.



screen_elproLOG_event.gifEnsuring traceability of parameter changes and user actions is a key aspect for monitoring systems used in regulated environments.

elproLOG EVENT generates a central audit trail for all ELPRO software components (elproLOG MONITOR, elproLOG ANALYZE, ANALYZE QLS). All GMP-relevant changes to parameters and user actions are recorded by the software. elproLOG EVENT makes it easy to answer the core question when operating in regulated environments. Who operated what and when?.

  • Every entry is stored with information about the event, user, date and time.
  • Data is stored in a tamper-proof database.
  • elproLOG EVENT supports compliance with FDA 21 Part 11 / GMP / GLP / GAMP4 and Annex 11.
  • elproLOG EVENT includes comprehensive documentations for IQ/OQs.




elproLOG ANALYZE Software DEU, FRA, ENG, (ESP, ITA) Win 2000, XP, Vista, 7 for all ELPRO logger, update version
elproLOG ANALYZE Software DEU, FRA, ENG, (ESP, ITA) Win 2000, XP, Vista, 7 for all ELPRO logger, full version
Software package elproLOG Start QLS for online monitoring and data analysis.
Consisting of elproLOG ANALYZE QLS, elproLOG MONITOR and elproLOG CONFIG
software package elproLOG (Basic QLS)
Consisting of elproLOG ANALYZE QLS, elproLOG MONITOR and elproLOG CONFIG
Delivered with documents for IQ/OQ
software package elproLOG (Advanced QLS)
Consisting of ANALYZE, MONITOR, EVENT and documents IQ/OQ
software package elproLOG (Advanced QLS), including WebAccess
Consisting of ANALYZE, MONITOR, EVENT, MONITOR WebAccess and documents IQ/OQ
elproLOG ANALYZE QLS - base licence
elproLOG ANALYZE QLS - base licence update
elproLOG ANALYZE QLS - follow licence
elproLOG ANALYZE QLS - follow licence update
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