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Flowmarker Hydra

4691_image_800x600.jpgThe Flowmarker® is our established fog generator for various applications. From one tank filling this wireless handheld device generates long-lasting and thermally inactive fog for approximately 20 minutes or for about 420 outputs lasting three seconds.

The fog is generated from a special fog fluid. This fog fluid is harmless to the health and causes no residue in the environment to be filled with fog.

After a short warm-up period of about 30 seconds max, the fully charged FlowMarker® can be operated for two to five hours – depending on the duration and the frequency of each fog output.

flowfiler.jpgThe complete package comprises the FlowMarker® as the basic device, a rigid application tube and the Hydra including a flexible application tube of standard length 5m. All components necessary for starting operation of the device are included.

The standard application tube made of impact-resistant plastic can be extended by 75cm up to 150cm. If required, the Flowmarker® is upgradeable to radio operation.

For those areas difficulty to reach we recommend the accessory Hydra , which is an adapter easy to handle and coupled by a flexible tube.




Flowmarker Hydra
Flowmarker Hydra Radio
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