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MPRF Pressure


New_MPRF_Pressure_Small.pngMicropack Radio Frequency Pressure Data Logger

•   Wireless Pressure Data Logger
•   8,000 NIST-Traceable Data Points
•   FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant
•   Intrinsically Safe
•   Real-Time Data

Precision Under Pressure

A recent addition to the complete DataTrace® RF Data Logging System, the MPRF Pressure Data Logger requires minimal training and features batch programming for fast and simple set up. It captures precise detail by collecting 8,000 data points – 4,000 each for pressure and temperature readings – and can be synchronized to the same clock with multiple MPRF loggers in any combination of logger type.


Improve Quality

The MPRF Pressure Data Logger provides accurate data to help you optimize food, pharmaceutical and other manufacturing processes. The closer the sensor is to the product, the more valuable the collected data; if this data is displayed in real-time control and quality benefit dramatically. Our wireless data loggers fit easily outside or inside a variety of packages to maximize accuracy and process validation. And since the MPRF Pressure Data Logger is wireless and operates at low voltage, it is intrinsically safe for hazardous environments.


Improve Productivity

The DataTrace® MPRF Pressure Data Logger’s small design and intuitive, easy-to-use DataTrace Pro software makes it easy to integrate into your process, greatly improving your productivity. No data logging system gives you more flexibility


Save Time and Money

Part of DataTrace®‘s comprehensive solution, the wireless MPRF Pressure Data Logger requires minimal training to use. Features like IR communication and batch programming and reading makes data collection fast and simple. MPRF is a single, integrated solution which can be extended to simplify data logging of an array of process parameters. Furthermore, the system allows continued use of earlier DataTrace® Data Loggers so your investment is protected. At the heart of the solution is DataTrace®‘s intuitive and highly secure FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant DataTrace Pro software. You can’t beat it for flexibility and ease of use.

Industry Applications

•   Pharmaceutical
•   Canning and foods
•   Medical
•   Sterilizer validation
•   Process equipment and sterilization
•   Pressurized process reactors and streams
•   Compressed gas systems
•   Suitable for newer cooking pouches



Operating Parameters
Operating Temperatures +25ºC to +140ºC
Temperature Accuracy ±0.25ºC
Operating Pressure 0 BAR to 5 BAR
Pressure Accuracy ±0.02 BAR
Range 30 meters Line of Sight
Radio Frequency 2.4 GHz range ISM Band
Size Width: 22.9 mm X Length: 116.8 mm
Weight 120 grams
Material 316 stainless steel and ULTEM or PCTFE
Monitoring Parameters  
Memory 4,000 time/temperature observations
  4,000 time/pressure observations
Sample Rates Operator programmable
   • 5 sec. to 10 min. interval with radio
   • 1 sec. to 10 min. interval without radio
Sensor Elements  
Temperature RTD
Pressure Strain gauge bridge
Calibration Factory calibrated (NIST traceable)
Battery Lithium (field-replaceable)
Battery LIfe 6 months to 1 year (depending on usage)
Clock Accuracy 26 seconds per 24 hours (25ºC)
Certification ATEX (for intrinsic safety)
  FCC Class B digital device (Part 15 compliant)




Datatrace MPRFPR
Datatrace MPRFPRE
MPRF PRESSURE logger for ETO environment
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