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The top priority for ELPRO is the quality and the accuracy and safety of the documentation of your processes. You will receive comprehensible solutions for your specific applications. The dataloggers have a very high standard of quality and precision. They are therefor well known in the world of pharmaceuticals, food and transport.

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Elpro offers you dataloggers with or without display, with one or more sensors, with temperature sensors from -200°C to +500°C. They offer a temperature logger for your transport purposes that generates automatically a pdf report with all necessary information to validate your transport without your the need for your client/receiver to have the software. He can then send you the report by mail for further evaluation of the data.

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Their monitoring system is modulable and so very easy to upgrade and the cheapest to validate. Their monitoring system can follow up any kind of parameters as long as they can generate a 4..20mA signal. Their system gives you the possibility to monitor your sites on the other part of the world throug internet or intranet. All documents for validation of the system are available.


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The good point about the Elpro dataloggers is the fact that they all work with the same software that continually is updated to the last versions of Windows.


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