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Today, success is defined not just by your ability to make a product ... but to make it safely, efficiently and cost-effectively. This increasingly means that temperature, humidity and pressure are critical process and quality assurance factors for many industries. Acknowledging the importance of this concern to our customers, the DataTrace® System is designed around a few simple ideas.

First, information is only good if it's accurate. Our NIST-traceable system is.

Second, data is only useful if it's easily understood. So the DataTrace® System lets you analyze data in ways most meaningful to you. Data can be analyzed directly in the easy to use DataTrace® program or be exported to other programs.

Third, a system is only good if it gets used. Programming takes seconds and you are ready to start monitoring your process. Data retrieval requires a single key stroke and in a few more seconds you have access to your collected data. You won't find a data logging system easier or more adaptable than the DataTrace® System. You'll have all the options you need, including the ability to customize Tracers with probes and reading ranges.

Finally, a system must be affordable. With the savings that can be realized in energy and production costs, human resources and quality assurance, the DataTrace® System frequently pays for itself in just a few short months.



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