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CMI SALES has started in 2008 in Anderlues in Belgium as Data Logging and Calibrations (DLC), and specialises in service and the delivery of the products that are related to that service.

We have the competence inhouse to validate your cleanrooms, operation quarters, laminar flows, filters, autoclaves, incubators, ovens, freezers, ... These validations are performed with first class measuring instruments we also distribute. These services are performed through our sister company CMI (Cleanroom Management International).

We are especially oriented on datalogging and we can make a study of your needs and depending on your applications we propose the best solution. We can do the installation of your monitoring system, from a to z, starting with p.ex a thermal mapping of the space to see where sensors should be placed, installation of the sensors-loggers-monitoringsoftware-alarms-etc... The sensors are calibrated by us and delivered with calibration certificate.

Next to the datalogging and monitoringsystems, DLC distributes also particle counters, anemometers, photometers, aerosol generators, airsamplers for microbiological use, autoclavable tools, ....

We are equiped to control the total calibration aspect of your parc of measurement instrument so as to see that all calibration certificates are renewed on time.

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